Y O G A  S T U D I E S  2021

Fall 2021



After years of leading traditional 200-hour trainings we have decided to change up the format of our foundational program to better meet the needs of our students. Because many modern yogis wish to study yoga without any desire to teach, we have split the program into two modules aimed at those students looking to simply deepen their own practice as well as those students considering a career as a yoga teacher.

Module 1 will encompass a thorough study into the history, philosophy and anatomy of yoga. Module 2 will focus primarily on cultivating the ability to teach yoga with confidence, intelligent and ease. Those hoping to teach yoga professionally must complete both modules. Those simply interested in understanding the practice of yoga may enroll in module 1 without module 2. Those who have completed a 200-hour training elsewhere or have received Ame's permission may also enroll in module 2 alone. 

Applicants to BYS trainings must have a consistent and serious yoga practice. The curriculum is designed for committed yoga students looking to enrich their understanding of yoga asana, philosophy, ethics, anatomy & physiology, subtle body, pranayama and the art of effective teaching. If accepted, students should be prepared to steep themselves in yoga for the duration of the training, both within the scheduled hours and outside of the classroom.


This training begins with the intention of being an intimate, dedicated and resourceful program. In addition to the many hours you will spend with Ame, this training also offers an opportunity to study with many of Boston and beyond’s finest teachers in a small setting. There will be ample practice time and abundant practice teaching. Expect to learn a lot. This program will give you the tools to sequence, cue, adjust and execute a well-informed yoga class while also deepening your understanding of personal practice.


To graduate, students must showcase their completion and understanding of the material covered in the training. This is done by completing all hours and outside assignments as well as passing a final exam. Graduation is not guaranteed. This training is registered with Yoga Alliance and exceeds the YA requirements for a 200-hour yoga teacher training.


This program is directed by Ame Wren and supported by the exceptional Boston Yoga School faculty.



  • Yoga Asana & Architecture: Crafting a Sustainable Practice

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Movement 101

  • Living the 8 Limbs: Yoga Philosophy & Ethics

  • History of Yoga: Text & Tradition Study

  • Yoga & Social Justice

  • The Art of Pranayama: Breath as an Investment

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Subtle Body & Energetic Anatomy

  • Self-Practice: Tools to Maintain Homeostasis



  • Yoga Sequencing: How to be Safe/Smart & Build a Template

  • Anatomy of Yoga: Learning to See & Cultivate Embodiment

  • Training Your Voice & Aligning Your Words

  • Sanskrit 101

  • Practice Teaching & Feedback

  • The Business of Yoga & Making Yoga Inclusive

  • Student-Teacher Dynamics & Holding Space

  • Avoiding Burn-Out & the Ongoing Practice of Svadyhaya (Self Study)




Ame Wren & Ben Chused



In this revolutionary online program, you will take part in synchronous meetings via livestream on the 9 weekends listed below and smaller team meetings twice/month (to be scheduled with your team captain). We also encourage you to take class on BYS Online twice per week (included in your tuition). In addition to the scheduled hours, there will be outside learning through reading, writing and a case study. 


  • Livestream Hours as follows:

  • Fri 6PM-8PM

  • Sat & Sun 9AM - 12:30PM
    & 2PM - 5:30PM


  • 9 weekends; Dates TBD


  • Paid in Full:
    $1,995 by July 15 (early bird)
    $2,495 full price

Refund Policy:

Cancellations made more than 3 weeks prior to the start of the training may receive a full refund less the non-refundable less deposit. Cancellations made within 3 weeks or during the training will not receive a refund. This policy is firm.To discuss this policy in relation to emergency and unforeseen situations please speak with your program Director(s) privately. 


*at any point we are prepared to move online should circumstances require