Collections are curated series of online replay classes around a similar topic. Explore our featured collections below. 

Hip Series


Vinyasa Hour: Hips hips hips

Ame Wren

Johnathon Holmes hips.png

Align and Flow: HIPS! 

Johnathon Holmes

Johnathon Holmes hips2.png

Yin, Restorative and Meditation: Hips

Johnathon Holmes

Ben Chused hips.png

Align and Flow: Hello hip flexors

Ben Chused

Best of Strength Quickies


Full Body Burner

Sara Basile


Side-bending & hips

Sara Basile


Strength & Mobility

Sara Basile


Low impact cardio 

Sara Basile

Handstand Series

Johnathon Holmes teaching.png

Align and Flow: Handstand (w/ a wall)

Johnathon Holmes

Alana Brennan seated.png

Forrest-Inspired - Handstand

Alana Brennan

Jeff Percacciante side angle.png

Thigh Flying Handstands (for all level handstanders!)

Jeff Percacciante

Jeff Percacciante entering pigeon.png

Structural Yoga - Arm Balances and Handstand

Jeff Percacciante