BYS Summer School 2019

Anatomy of a Yogi

About the Course

This 4-part workshop series is a crash course in basic anatomical concepts as they relate to yoga. Open to yoga teachers and practitioners alike, our afternoons will be conducted as part lecture and part lab.


Over 20 hours of study we will look at foundational postures across all categories (standing, seated, backward and forward extension, lateral, inverted) with a keen eye on how the posture can best function as a method for greater physiological stability and mobility.


Understandings of “alignment” are ever-changing in the yoga world and we will also discuss why that is. CE credit available for yoga and movement teachers.

Date & Time

Tues 12:30 - 5:30

July 16: Feet to Hips

July 23: Pelvis & Sacrum

Aug 13: Spinal Health

Aug 20: Upper body


Boston Yoga Union_edited.png

Boston Yoga Union

1112 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02215

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Pre-workshop reading:

Functional Anatomy of Yoga

by David Keil

Additional Reading:
Trail Guide to Movement

by Andrew Biel

Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers

Your Body, Your Yoga

by Bernie Clark