learning to see

Continuing Education Series for Teachers



As teachers, first we develop the ability to lead and speak then we develop the ability to touch and feel. What is often overlooked is the ability to see. Being able to see your students in asanas, to determine where they are creating compression, where they need space and how to help them find it, is a remarkable and profound skill. While it begins with asana, it translates to much more. By becoming a skilled observer, you can develop deeper and lasting relationships with your students and your own inner teacher.

This 5-month program is designed for teachers familiar with Ame’s teaching style who have graduated a 200-hour program and are interested in furthering their education. Through monthly workshops, Ame will offer advice and wisdom on how to navigate the often difficult professional and personal terrain of teaching yoga and connecting to students. Each session will include a practice, asana anatomy and sequence break down and group discussion. While some time will be spent on learning adjustments, the focus will be on crafting an advanced eye so that adjustments flow naturally and become less prescribed.

The aim of this program is to provide a focused educational experience through the guidance of a seasoned teacher. In addition, the group dynamic will serve as a teaching support group and a place to share ideas, questions and concerns. This is meant to be a cooperative learning space rather than a lecture-based program, though Ame will provide ample content.




Continuing Education (CE) credits are available through Yoga Alliance.


No trainings scheduled at this time.